Giraffe-themed 3pcs plush set for sensory play in infants
Infant's comfort with soft teething ring giraffe rattle toy
Baby's 0 Month+ plush set with giraffe-themed toys for play
Sensory plush set with giraffe rattle for infants' exploration

Baby giraffe rattle toy set 3PCS soft teething ring sensory plush set for baby infant 0 Month+

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Product No.: TM575
Type: Stuffed Animals
Tags: 0-12 Months, Soothing Toys for Newborn
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Baby giraffe rattle toy set with soft teething ring 3pcs sensory plush set for infant with giraffe theme Soft teething ring giraffe rattle toy for baby_s comfort Infant_s 0 Month_ plush set featuring giraffe rattle toys Baby giraffe teething ring with 3pcs sensory plush toys Soft and comforting giraffe rattle toy set for infants Giraffe themed sensory plush set for baby_s tactile play 3pcs soft teething ring set with giraffe rattle for infants Baby_s 0 Month_ plush set with giraffe themed rattle toys Giraffe rattle toy set for sensory and teething exploration Soft teething ring giraffe plush set for baby_s oral comfort 3pcs sensory plush set featuring giraffe rattle for infants Baby giraffe rattle toy set with soft teething elements

1. 3PCS Baby Rattle Plush Toy: TUMAMA rattles for babies 0-6 months is made of 3pcs interesting and cute animal plush toys. Three vivid and adorable deer toy will definitely attract the baby's attention, and the design of the built-in rattle can stimulate their visual development and train the baby's hearing, soothe the baby's emotions when they can’t stop crying.

2. A Good Assistant for Sensory Development: These infant toys is best for newborns 0-6 months, which can exercise the baby's ability to grasp things with their hands, allowing them to grow up healthy while being happy.

3. Good for Babies’ Teeth: Each newborn rattle toys is equipped with teether, which can be bitten by the teething baby. It is helpful for babies’ teeth development.

4. High Quality & Safe Material: These infant boy toys is made by 100% Polyester, whose surface is very soft and fuzzy. Lightweight materials make babies grasp the rattle deer easily.

5. Perfect Newborn’s Gift: This is best gift for unisex infants or toddlers, which is suitable for baby’s gift, Birthday, Children’s Day, Easter, Christmas.

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