walking dog toy with leash
battery operated toy dog
electronic walking dog toy
walking dog toy with leash
little girl playing with battery operated toy dog that walks and barks

Electronic Walking Dog Toy with Bone and Leash for Toddlers

£37.02 GBP
£43.55 GBP
Product No.: TM382
Type: Action & Toy Figures
Tags: 3-6 Years, Dancing Musical Toys For Babies
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1. A dog toy with multiple ways to play: This electric dog toy can walk, shout, lick bones, and sing. With so many ways to play, your kids will have endless fun. Children of all ages will love this dog toy.

2. Plush and skin-friendly appearance: Children’s skin is relatively delicate. Tumama used high-quality cotton when making this walking dog to make its appearance soft and skin-friendly enough for children to be happy to touch and enjoy. Hug this puppy toy.

3. Battery-driven: This walking dog toy with leash is battery-driven. As long as you install three batteries, connect them with the cords we included, and press the start button, the dog toy will wake up.

4. Value for money: Tumama uses high-quality materials to make this electronic walking dog toy. In addition, designers carefully design and are committed to giving children a toy that can bring them fun and companionship. So, we are confident that you will find this toy worth your money once you buy it.

5. Perfect gift for kids: This battery operated toy dog that walks and barks is undoubtedly the best gift for kids. Whether you give it to your own children or the children of a relative or friend, they will love this toy.

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