walking cat toy for toddlers
walking cat toy with leash for your companion
walking cat toy with leash
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Interactive Walking Cat Toy with Leash for Toddlers

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Product No.: TM390
Type: Action & Toy Figures
Tags: 3-6 Years, Dancing Musical Toys For Babies
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1. Interactive Fun: Our Electronic Walking Plush Cat Toy is designed to provide a highly interactive experience for children. The toy cat doesn’t just walk, it also wags its tail, sings songs, and even mimics licking a little fish with its tongue! This level of interaction keeps children engaged and entertained, making playtime more fun and exciting.

2. Battery-Powered: The plush cat toy is powered by batteries, which means your child can enjoy uninterrupted playtime. The battery-powered mechanism ensures that the toy can keep up with your child’s energy and enthusiasm, providing hours of entertainment.

3. Bonus Gifts: Each purchase of our plush cat toy comes with a set of bonus gifts that enhance the play experience. These include a soft cotton ball, a small fish, and a cute kitten scarf. These additional items add variety to playtime and allow your child to engage in imaginative play.

4. Feeding Accessories: To make playtime even more realistic and engaging, we also provide a plastic feeding bowl and a leash with each toy. These accessories allow your child to pretend to feed their toy cat and take it for walks, just like a real pet. This can help develop a sense of responsibility and empathy in children.

5. Educational and Entertaining: Our plush cat toy is not just a source of entertainment, but also a learning tool. It is designed to stimulate your child’s imagination, develop motor skills, and promote auditory and tactile senses. As your child interacts with the toy, they are also learning and developing important skills.

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