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Plush Barking Dog Toy for Kids DIY and Interaction

£35.42 GBP
£41.67 GBP
Vendor: Or Or Tu
Product No.: TM383
Type: Action & Toy Figures
Tags: 3-6 Years, Dancing Musical Toys For Babies
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1. Multifunctional dog toy: This plush dog toy achieves a great degree of simulation. Not only can it walk, sing, and bark, it can also stick out its tongue to lick bones, just like a real puppy appearing in front of you.

2. High-quality cotton filling: This stuffed dog toy is filled with high-quality cotton, which is skin-friendly. It is completely non-toxic to children's delicate skin. So, you can buy with complete confidence.

3. Complete accessories: We include a variety of accessories for this puppy toy, such as hats, bows, bones, bottles, leashes, feeding basins, etc. for the puppy. A variety of fun included accessories are waiting for you to explore.

4. A must-have toy for children: Such a cute puppy toy with such a realistic image is loved by most children. They enjoyed walking with the puppy, feeding it and interacting with it. So, hurry up and buy your child this dog toy that will bring him endless fun.

5. Value for money: This plush dog toy is not only fun to play with, has excellent quality, but also comes at an affordable price. We guarantee that you will sigh that this toy is truly worth the money after you buy it back.

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