Baby mobile with Bluetooth hanging from crib
Baby looking at a baby mobile with Bluetooth glow-in-the-dark projector
Baby lying on bed looking at glow-in-the-dark projector
Baby mobile with bluetooth
Baby mobile with bluetooth
Bluetooth baby mobile with remote control for nursery
Night light projector and white noise sensory toys

Baby mobile with bluetooth, remote control night light projector, white noise, nursery sensory toys for newborn infant 0 Month+

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Tags: 0-36 Months, Baby Sleep & Relax Toys
  • Giraffe - AA battery version
  • Zebra - AA battery version
  • Giraffe - Rechargeable battery version
  • Zebra - Rechargeable battery version
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1. Soothing Experience: Equipped with a variety of gentle melodies and calming sounds that can be controlled via Bluetooth or the included remote control. Customize the audio experience to create a peaceful environment tailored to your baby’s preferences.

2. Night Light Projector: As the evening draws near, activate the night light projector to cast a soft glow accompanied by enchanting visual projections. This feature not only illuminates the room with a tender light but also captivates your baby’s attention, easing them into a restful sleep.

3. Interactive Toys: Adorned with colorful and tactile toys designed to stimulate your baby’s senses. Each toy is carefully crafted to encourage touch, sight, and exploration, promoting cognitive and physical development.

4. Easy Installation & Control: The mobile easily attaches to cribs of various sizes ensuring stability and safety. With the remote control in hand, parents can effortlessly switch between functions without disturbing their resting child.

5. Quality & Safety Assured: Crafted from baby-safe materials that are durable yet soft to touch. Every element of this mobile is rigorously tested to meet safety standards ensuring both quality performance and peace of mind.

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