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Electric Dinosaur Race Track Car Toy Set for Kids

£44.86 GBP
£52.78 GBP
Vendor: Tumama Kids
Product No.: TM210
Type: Toy Race Car & Track Sets
Tags: 3-6 Years, Dancing Musical Toys For Babies
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1. Amazing Dinosaur-Themed Race Track: Designed to captivate the minds of young dinosaur enthusiasts, this dinosaur race track car toy set features a creatively designed track that resembles a prehistoric world. Children will delight in the sight of cars galloping along the dinosaur-infested landscapes, making every playtime an adventurous escapade.

2. Interactive Build & Play Experience: Foster creativity and enhance fine motor skills as children enjoy the fun of piecing together this flexible track. This hands-on building experience encourages problem-solving and patience, providing a fulfilling sense of achievement with every completed setup.

3. Battery-Powered Dynamic Play: Each car in the dinosaur track toy set is powered by batteries (not included), ensuring continuous motion and excitement. Kids will be thrilled to watch the cars zoom around the tracks they've built, bringing dynamic energy and interaction to playtime.

4. Safe and Durable Materials: Constructed from high-quality ABS plastic, this dinosaur track set toy is both durable and safe for children. Each piece is carefully crafted with smooth edges and no burrs, protecting little hands during play. The robust material ensures that the set can withstand enthusiastic play and is resistant to wear and tear, making it a lasting addition to any toy collection.

5. Perfect for Quality Family Time: Enjoy precious moments with your children as you build and play together with this dinosaur track toy. It’s an excellent way for parents to engage in meaningful interactions with their kids, strengthening bonds and creating lasting memories.

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