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Baby musical stacking toy, stacking roly-poly interactive developmental toy for newborn Infant Baby 6 Months+

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Product No.: TM203
Type: Musical Toys
Tags: 0-36 Months, Electronic Sound Toys For Babies
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1. Engaging Design: Our stacking toy features vibrant, multi-colored rings and adorable animal shapes that capture your baby’s attention. The playful expressions of the bunny-like characters invite curiosity and interaction, promising hours of fun!

2. Musical Elements: With each stack, a charming melody plays, introducing your little one to the world of music. The tunes are gentle on young ears and encourage auditory development while the rhythmic stacking fosters hand-eye coordination.

3. Sensory Exploration: Each ring is textured for tactile discovery and filled with captivating rattling beads that produce soft sounds. Your baby will be enthralled as they explore different textures and listen to the rustling noises, enhancing their sensory development.

4. Safe & Durable: Safety is our priority! Made with BPA-free materials, this toy is safe for teething babies. Its sturdy construction ensures it withstands enthusiastic play, guaranteeing endless enjoyment as your child grows.

5. Educational Play: Beyond entertainment and soothing properties, this musical stacking toy aids in developing fine motor skills as babies grasp, stack, and explore each element. It encourages problem-solving as they learn to arrange rings according to size—a foundation for cognitive abilities!

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