neck twisting chick for toddlers
neck twisting chick for toddlers
neck twisting chick for toddlers
neck twisting chick for toddlers
talking chick toy
little girl plays with this stuffed chick toy taht wriggles and retells

Neck-twisting plush chick toy, talking chick toy for, twist musical toy for toddler 18 Months+

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Product No.: TM296
Type: Action & Toy Figures
Tags: 3-6 Years, Dancing Musical Toys For Babies
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1. Cute appearance: This chick has a cute plush appearance. Everyone who sees it will be attracted by its cute appearance with a unique design and can't help but touch it.

2. Multiple ways to play: It is not just a stuffed chicken toy, it can also repeat what you say and the sounds you make. Of course, it can also vibrate its wings and twist its neck. A variety of gameplays are waiting for you to explore.

3. Made of high-quality materials: In order to take care of children's delicate skin, Tumama conducts strict quality control when selecting materials and uses high-quality fabrics to ensure it is absolutely safe and gentle for children.

4. Baby’s emotional comfort toy: This chick toy can serve as a good emotional comfort toy for your baby. Especially when the baby is crying or irritable, this toy will play with him and make him feel better immediately. Soon you will hear your baby laughing.

5. Good gift: When you want to give a gift to your own children or the children of relatives or friends, this chick toy is undoubtedly one of the best choices. Because of its diverse gameplay, it has the magic that makes children fall in love with it instantly.

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